Cake Envy

Bigger, Better and more Beautiful!

Iunderstand thatexquisite taste is not always accompanied by a generous budget. In these cases,I amdetermined to helpmy clients find inventive ways to spend the dollarsthat you DO have, with maximum results! (This page is to be used only a guide, exact pricing will be given at the time the order is placed and a design is agreed upon.)

Standard Cake Flavors - $3.75/serving:Vanilla, Yellow, German Chocolate, Red Velvet

Premium Cake Flavors -add $.40/serving: Vanilla-Almond, Dark Chocolate, Swiss Chocolate, Marble, Carrot, Coconut, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Pina Colada, Pink Champagne Cake (Pink Velvet), Caramel

Standard Frosting - included in standard cake pricing: Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Cream Cheese (not recommended for decorating)

Premium Frostings - add $.50/serving: Vanilla Bean Buttercream, White Chocolate Buttercream, Mint Buttercream, Lemon Buttercream

Premium Fillings - add $.40/serving: Cheesecake, Lemon mousse, Banana Cream, Orange Dreamsicle, Pina Colada, Coconut, Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Mousse, Baileys Irish Cream Mousse, Kahluah Mousse. We can do custom flavors as well.

Sculpted (carved) cakes are a minimum $6.00/serving and cannot have fillings in them.

Topsy Turvey cakes are minimum $6.00/serving and cannot have fillings in them.

Fresh fruit filling - $.50/serving (strawberries, raspberries, mango, pineapple, etc.) Seasonal.

Service Sheet with frosting - $95.00 serves 75 (no decor) - add a filling $40.00

Wedding Cupcakes - $3.00 each - includes buttercream swirl frosting with a fondant dot in your choice of color.

Cake Pops -$2.25 each - any flavor covered in your choice ofwhite or dark chocolate

Chocolate dipped strawberries - $26/dozen

Bride & Groom chocolate dipped strawberries - $5.00/pair (1 bride, 1 groom). Quantities over 50 pair (100 strawberries are $4.50/pair)

Fondant: Covering the cake $1.00/serving

Fondant decor: $22.00 (includes stripes, dots, bows, curly's, etc.)

Monogram on Sugar Paper - you supply the font and how you want it to appear,and I'll have the monogram printed - $10.00

Cake Glitter- Free

Flower placement - Free

Birthday cakes are a minimum of $95.00 and go up depending on how big and elaborate they will be.

I'm sorry, but Cake Envy does not do sheet cakes of any kind unless it's an addition to another cake (see "Service Sheet" above)

Delivery is $35 within Forsyth County and $25 additionalper county outside Forsyth. Deliveries during rush hour (M-F4-7pm)will be assessed an additional $20 fee due to the time involved at that hour of the day. I will gladly meet you in North Forsyth for no charge.

Cakes cannot be shipped, but I am willing to negotiate delivery if you're far away.