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Natalie Roth


I'm Natalie, my friends call me Nat.  Let me introduce myself a little bit:  I'm originally from Denver, Colorado.  I moved to Georgia in 1994 with my 2 kids (now 22 & 19). I was always that person who loved anything creative & artsy. I have painted much of the art in my home. I've done huge murals, refinished furniture, made my own clothes, made all my kids' halloween costumes, taught myself to sew, etc.  I'm a huge Denver Bronco fan!  I now have 2 dogs, 2 cats & 2 kids!  I am a HUGE animal lover. I advocate for spay/neuter programs and responsible pet ownership and I'm active in foster and adoption programs.  My family and I attend Browns Bridge Church in Cumming, GA.  I also volunteer full time with Angels Over Forsyth, an annual Christmas program that provides a full Christmas for every child in Forsyth County who is in foster care or boys & girls homes.  And more recently, I started "Weddings for Warriors" to honor a member of our military by providing a free wedding for those who may be struggling a little bit.  It's got it's own link on my page, so click over there to read about it!  ----->

I specialize in special event cakes.  You can see some of my work on the "photo gallery" page.  I have been doing specialty cakes for almost 19 years now.  It all began back when my kids were little bitty.  I was a single mom & had no money for the super cakes that I wanted my kids to have.  I would see cakes that were amazing, but I knew I could never afford one.  So I bought a "how to" book and read up on it (before the internet) and taught myself how to decorate cakes.  It started with my own kids' parties, then onto my kids' friends' parties.  I began doing specialty cakes & desserts for my only corporate customer at the time, AT&T.  I did all their desserts, cakes, and hors douvers for their office partys', meetings, and special events.  Just imagine, from my very first "Barney" cake to YOUR WEDDING! (Hopefully!)  I wish I had pictures of some of those early cakes!  I'm sure they aren't much to look at now, but I sure was proud of them back then!

(Some shameless self promotion)  I loooove to impress!  That moment when people see their finished product for the first time is THE BEST moment!  It's second only to when the foster kids see their bounty at Christmas time!  Gives me chills to think about it! But that moment is why I do this!  I want every person who sees their cake to be shocked!  I want your friends and family to be blown away by the impressive design, the attention to the detail and the sheer incredibleness (is that even a word?) of what they see!   And then, when you get to cut into the cake and it is literally the BEST cake you've ever eaten.... wow!  Now THAT is good stuff!  When your guests come up to you to tell you your cake is absolutely amazing and want the name of YOUR cake person.  Now that is seriously something for you to be proud of!  So give me a shot.  You won't be disappointed!  My reputation is all I have in this business.  I don't advertise.... no commercials, no billboards, I'm not in coupon books.  If you've heard of me, there's a good chance someone referred you to me.  It's taken me years to get to the point that you were able to find me today.  I don't take that lightly!  You can 100% trust me with your event!  Give me a call for a free consultation & cake design session.  I so look forward to talking with you soon! 

~ But, even if you don't pick me, I hope your event is amazing!

Cheers~ Natalie